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Member of the Society of International Horticulture Science

Albert started his horticulture career with the University of Applied Science in Switzerland where he obtained a degree of Engineering in horticulture, successfully. He went on to increase his skills by joining the FAO Headquarters in Rome where he received a Certificate from the Director General of the FAO, Dr. Jacques Diouf. He was then sent to Namibia to implement Urban and Peri-Urban horticulture initiatives using his technical expertise. (This is a project of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water & Forestry, sponsored by the Kingdom of Belgium). He then joined COSDEF (Community Skills Development Foundation) to learn how to transfer his skills to people who have never been to University, efficiently. He even did a course with Independence Caterers to study nutrition, to enhance his horticulture background. He was the lead Horticulture Officer for the UN joint program on Gender and Development from mid 2009 through mid 2010. He is also a member of the Namibia National Horticulture Task Team and a member of Namibian Organic Association. To date he has coordinated and managed various projects in Namibia and has received outstanding letters of reference. Please see his project feedback reports under ‘Reports’.

About Albert

Engineers Qualification; University of Applied Science, Switzerland


UN Volunteers, UNDP


UN Volunteers, FAO






Independence Caterers


Skills and References -

Albert Fosso Profile


Reference; University of Applied Science, Switzerland


Letter of reference: FAO


Letter of reference: FAO Namibia


Letter of reference: Independence Caterers


Letter of Reference: NNF


Letter of Reference: DFRN


Letter of Reference: French FSD